The (Meta)Story of Christmas: Redeemed by Christ

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We all know the story of Christmas, but many of us do not realize that the story of Christmas spans the full breadth of the scriptures. This Advent, we are going to look at the larger story, from Genesis to Revelation, to see how the metanarrative of scripture points us to see that the coming of Christ. That the birth of Christ is not just an important moment, but the entire point of the story and the greatest hope of ours.

Following Genesis 3 and the fall of man, we are left asking one questions: what will be the solution to the problem of sin? The hope of Genesis 3 is that a redeemer will one day come, but how? How will God redeem his people who have rebelled and fallen away from Him? Paul teaches us in Romans 3:21-26 that redemption by way of justification that is only found in the incarnation of God, Jesus Christ.