The Household of God: Instructions on Ministry

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We are the Household of God. The church is the assembly and sanctuary of God’s people and the way in which Jesus Christ continues his mission of revealing God’s truth and love to the world. As the Household of God, we need to learn the ways to conduct ourselves as the adopted children in God’s house. The series “The Household of God” is a study of 1 Timothy and Paul’s instructions on how we are to conduct ourselves as those loved and redeemed by God.

In 1 Timothy 4:11-16, Paul begins his second set of instructions to Timothy on how to be a good minister of the faith. In this section, Paul teaches that a good minister is one who prioritizes his and others’ progress in the faith. This plays itself out in multiple ways, but the most significate is in how we carry ourselves as examples of the gospel in our daily lives. We must present Christ not only in our speech but in our actions, as our great life and hope.

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